It’s not just about who, what, and why. Don’t forget How!

If you’ve created a product or program for your business, then you know the excitement that comes with sharing it!

It’s easy to want to talk about all of the cool things your services do, why you decided to create them, the sustainable materials you used, etc. While these are important aspects to storytelling around your business, those things are not going to be the selling factor for clients and customers. Story telling is one step to the equation because people buy from people that they know. People subconsciously want to trust the people that they are buying from, so you’ll usually be on their radar for a little while before you notice them investing in your services! Think about how cold-calling someone can lead to multiple hang-ups or angered people. It’s because those people don’t know you yet. Now think about following up with someone who has been following you for a while and engaging in your content. The call won’t be out of the blue. We’ll go more in depth with this another time!

The second and very important piece to selling your products or services is by making it clear HOW it will help them. People can read all about your services and still have no idea how it can help them. It doesn’t matter how awesome your service is, if your potential customer doesn’t understand how it can benefit their lives, then it’s likely that they won’t be sold on spending the money.

For example, let’s say you created a meditation program. You wrote all about why you decided to create the program. You also mentioned what’s included in the program. Maybe you are offering 10 guided mediations and tools on how to begin a meditation practice. This is very cool and interesting, but someone isn’t going to buy the program based only on this. They want to know how meditation can impact their lives. How is it relevant to their lives as a business owner? Will it improve their mental clarity? Will it reduce anxiety?

It’s not just about who, what, and why. Don’t forget How! This overlooked question can be the ticket to selling your products and services! Showing potential clients actual experience of people who have benefitted from you will earn their trust and have the potential to get you life long business.

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