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A brand is a name, symbol, characteristic, or design that makes an organization easily identifiable. There are many aspects to an organization's brand, but the most visible is the logo. It establishes an instant identity that reflects the what a company is all about.

Does your organization have a logo identity that reflects your quality? Can people identify who you are by a quick look at your logo? Is your brand image consistent no matter where it's displayed? Whether on stationery, t-shirt, website, or powerpoint, is your brand consistent? All of this matters. It speaks to your reliability.

We have been designing logos for a long time and will help your organization discover the right solution. Every campaign starts with a in-depth analysis of your business identity. We follow with a survey to get to the meat of the best way to visually capture your identity.

Logo Identity Campaigns Include:

  • 1-color, 2-color, multi-color Logo designs
  • Stationery designs with approved Logo
  • Alternative application of approved Logo
  • Alternate iterations for web, video, and other media

We will work with you to develop and enhance, your organization's image and help you position it in order to communicate more effectively with your audience. Consistency is the key to a coordinated print and online identity and we're here to lead you through every step of the process.

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They not only created a fantastic website for our firm, but they also created for us the perfect corporate logo.

“Bob Wilkins at Carolina Web Design not only created a fantastic website for our actuarial firm, he created for us the perfect corporate logo. Bob is knowledgeable, professional, congenial and he guided us through the process of designing a website that be helpful for potential clients.  I highly recommend him if you are in the market for a website designer.”

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