Are your eyes bigger than your stomach?

“Your eyes are bigger than your stomach”.

I remember hearing this said to be as a little girl after ordering two adult meals at Applebees. I ate about three bites!

This same concept can show up in business, too. Instead of “your eyes are bigger than your stomach”, I would call it “you’re brain is miles ahead of the present moment”.

I see so many people jump into a business and instead of laying down a foundation, they want to jump right into every media platform. They want to start a blog, a podcast, a Tiktok, a youtube channel, Pinterest board, instagram stories, and facebook groups all at the same time!

These are all amazing avenues for content! However, following through with consistency for all of these is hard, and often leads to failure. Search engine rankings from Google and Big reward consistency. If your goal is to start a blog and post every day, make sure you can keep up with this! Google would rather see you post once a week consistently, than post every day for a week, then fall off the face of the earth for a month. If this happens, your site can be seen as inactive, and will be stepped on by similar websites.

Don’t let this dampen your dreams! You can still do all of these things. Make sure you have a proper foundation, before you

Famous UCLA basketball coach John Wooden said, “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”. I thought it was just a wise saying until I saw it in action in my own life. We were under pressure to get a job done for a client on a ridiculous deadline. I agreed without thinking it through. There was no time to double check the details. There was no time for any real QC. Something was bound to slip through. And it did. Of course, there was time in our schedule and in our client’s schedule to make it right.

This was many years ago and we’ve learned our lesson. We don’t bite off more than we can chew and we don’t let anyone expect something before we know we have time to ensure it’s perfection.

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