Why Companies Should Put News on Their Website

Why Companies Should Put News on Their Website

conference-featureEvery organization, commercial or non-profit, has a story to tell. With  26+ years in marketing, one of the the biggest thing I've learned is that virtually everything changes. With change should come an approach to accommodate to it.

So you've landed a new contract, hired a Sales Manager, or launched a software program that will save your customers time and money — why not share this news? If an event is important to your organization, it's equally important to your customers or members. Timely and relevant content on your website demonstrates to your audience that your organization is breathing. There's nothing boastful or egotistical about posting news on your site. Change is going on all around your company and you're just talking about how you prepare or adapt to it.

Other reasons why you should post newsworthy information on your website:

  1. It shows the world that your organization is vibrant and expanding
  2. It usually tells more about your organization than a boring "About Us" page
  3. It is more informative and interesting to read
  4. It makes your website more interactive and less of a brochure
  5. It has a high ranking value from search engines

If you're still not convinced go ahead and try it yourself or contact us and we'll discuss ways to incorporate news content into your website.

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