What do your services do FOR your audience?

What do your services do FOR your audience?

You might know, but do they?

Businesses succeed when they find solutions to clients’ problems. It’s common to want to be able to tell the world about how great your products or services are, and how you only use the best materials. Quite frankly this could be part of your brand story. But, your audience really wants to know how they benefit. In other words, what’s in it for them. What can you DO for them?

What are the steps?

Step one is figuring out how you provide solutions to your clients or customers. Start by getting into their head. Imagine your ideal client. What activities do they love? What do they do for a living? What problems do they have? When you figure out what kind of problems they have, you can start to develop potential solutions. Once you have the solution, step one is done!

Step two is actually making this known! Meet your audience where they are. Your website, social media, blogs, and directories are good places to start. You might know how you can solve your clients’ problems, but you need to make it known to them. Get specific. Clients need to know how their lives can be changed by working with you.

A Real Life Example

I have a long time client who serves on a board of directors for a local charity. This cause is important to him both personally and professionally. His involvement with this organization is a reflection upon him. One day, they turned to him to fix their broken website. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, their web presence was the only way that contributors and partners can schedule, donate, and participate with my client’s non-profit. So he turned to me for help. I knew his organization had no budget for this, but I saw a need. I also envisioned a way that this situation could be viewed as an opportunity to provide a solution for a customer. I developed a professional starter website for them at a fraction of the cost of what we normally charge. I did this at a time when it wasn’t practical, but I did it anyway. I really wanted my company to be seen as a solution provider during a crisis.

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