Mobile Business – Your Site Rocks on Your Desktop, What about on Your Phone?

Think about how different business is now from a decade ago. These changes will continue to grow as we move forward. Mobile access will become faster and even more widespread. Internet access will improve, making even regular communication that much better. There is a “new normal” — yes we said it, sorry. Companies will continue to utilize online meeting platforms as a way of checking in and communicating. Essentially, technology is helping put some things in life at your fingertips.

You might already know this, but these statistics might surprise you. According to McFadyen Digital, 80% of people who use the internet own a smartphone. If that isn’t staggering enough, over 40% of online transitions are from mobile devices (Think with Google). Let that sink in. These numbers were not close to this even a few years ago, but more and more businesses are allotting large a percentage of their marketing dollars towards mobile specifically. This is a smart move, especially because it has been shown that a negative mobile experience can deter someone from buying from you. There are also certain circumstances where Google will penalize your business website’s ranking because of mobile issues.

Now that we know how important mobile experience is, the next step is to make sure your mobile experience is seamless! Here are a few tips:

  • Keep track of your statistics on your mobile and desktop sites. When you see which pages people look at the most on mobile, you’ll be able to curate a better custom mobile experience.
  • Create custom mobile menus. With the information from tip #1, you’ll figure out which pages to include on your custom mobile menu
  • Make sure it is easy to navigate your mobile site.

We work with our clients to create mobile sites that benefit their business. If you have any questions, reach out!

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