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If you really want a learning platform, Elevate your game

What is an LMS? An LMS is a type of software for storing, tracking, documenting, and delivering learning programs. There are hundreds of systems to choose from, including: Google Classroom, Moodle, and Blackboard Learn, to name a few. Over the past 5 years, we have utilized several learning platforms on behalf of our clients. In this post, we are recommending three different choices for a variety of scenarios.

Online learning has become a popular and necessary platform for organizations. Our socially-distant world makes learning remotely even more practical. Despite the world being different, in many ways, it remains the same. Leaders, manager, and other still need certifications.

LifterLMS is a solid WordPress plugin. It’s extremely easy to use and worked great out of the box with our site theme. We created multiple course tracks, quizzes, and requirements. My client had pretty specific guidelines for certifications, and LifterLMS was able to accommodate.

TalentLMS, as opposed to LifterLMS, is a self-contained platform that runs on Talent’s servers. Talent is more comprehensive than LifterLMS. It offers a multitude of configuration settings, rules, notifications, and methods for running an online learning course. TalentLMS has monetization capabilities built in. It’s a very strong system for small and large organizations who have a custom need for online learning to their audience or members.

CommPartners Elevate LMS is also a self-contained system that runs on their proprietary servers. Elevate is a more dynamic learning center that combines formal and informal training, collaboration, and sharing of professional experiences. It supports customization, monetization, and live programming.

Elevate is primarily geared for associations and non-profit organizations. Elevate offers a custom site that matches your organization’s branding. It seamlessly matches your main website. Adding to the package, Elevate partners with several industry experts to ensure a robust ecosystem of application integrations. It also seamlessly integrates with livestreaming, webinars/webcasts, virtual conferences, and content recording to create a holistic education experience.

All three learning programs offer quality support. LifterLMS is a free plugin, but with a paid subscription, users get additional add-ons and dedicated support. TalentLMS and Elevate LMS support provide a more responsive and custom support channel. What really sets Elevate apart is their customer service. The support staff are the same people who are developing and maintaining the Elevate system. They work with Elevate every day and know the system inside and out.

We have used all three LMS systems. In years past, we provided design services for CommPartners. We have no affiliation with them and have received nothing for this endorsement. Why are we writing this post? In our opinion, there are a lot of great choices for an organization’s learning needs. Our top three choices are LifterLMS, TalentLMS, and Elevate. If you want a WordPress solution, LifterLMS is a solid choice, for a more comprehensive and reliable system, TalentLMS is your answer, but if you want the best, most customized, and dynamic LMS available, learn with Elevate LMS.

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